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"How To Make More Money, Have More Freedom And Be More Man, Without Being Overwhelmed, Overstretched Or Panicked"

Dear Fellow Provider, Protector & Freedom Seeker,

If you are currently operating at the helm of your own business and want to leverage your business to make more money, have more freedom and be more man, then chances are this will be the most important book you read in the current climate.

Here’s why: My name is Charlie Hutton and seven short years ago I was F*CKED because of the business I had built.

It was killing my relationship with my wife of 10 years, it was killing any relationship I was ever going to have with my 3-day old son, and as much as it sounds dramatic, I realised that what I was doing was killing me.

Barney, my son, had only been breathing for 72 hours, yet here I was at 7.25 PM driving back home from another ‘important meeting.

I came to the slow realisation - I was choking in a state of complete and utter overwhelm.

Ultimately, I’d built a business that was a noose around my neck.

It’s why on that journey home I decided I needed help. I needed to run the business in a new way and pull myself off this death spiral of overwhelm. And right then is where… 

The One Man Empire Way Of Running A Business Was Born…

A New Way that allows you to operate your business as just one man, so that you can have the CONFIDENCE to rapidly scale, properly, without the bottlenecks and headaches that an army of employees brings.

A New Way that allows you to operate your business while you sit safely in the knowledge that there is money CONSISTENTLY coming in each and every month, without it bleeding out.

A New Way that allows you to operate at the helm of your business in a way that removes the overwhelm, removes the overstretch and removes the noose around your neck so that you can finally take back CONTROL and set yourself free.

… And a New Way that for the first time ever, that I’ve finally set in stone as...

The 12 Controversial, Real World & Independently Verified Iron Laws For The Self-Made Man

The funny thing is, I say NEW…

... But the fact of the matter is, if you look you will see hard evidence of these laws playing out in the lives of: Caesar, Churchill, Lincoln, Carnegie, Ford, Edison, Rockefeller, Jobs, Musk, Disney, Zuckerberg and Bezos to name just a few…

Each rising to power with an understanding of the spoils that await those who choose to start using these ‘forbidden’ secrets to cut through the crap and start making things as simple as possible.

That all said, and inside of this book I won’t sugar-coat the life that we lead on the path that we’ve chosen – because...

What You’re About To Uncover In This Book Are Radical Concepts

These Iron Laws of Man, Money and Freedom will challenge your perspective on you, others and what most deem is possible as just one man at the helm of a business.

The fact of the matter is, and at first, you will violently disagree with some, and others will finally allow the penny to drop.

Some will challenge your beliefs around what is fair and how we ought to do business, while others will rubber stamp experiences and situations you have faced first hand.

Some are ugly, some are controversial, some are not politically correct. Yet in the cold hard light of day, each is a universally verified truth.

It’s exactly why, right now, in the current climate and moving forward, I want you to make it your moral obligation to study every word of every law with speed and full force.

For those men that choose to secure a copy of this book and take responsibility to apply what they discover without skipping a beat – ahead lies the power to continue something great




You’ve probably seen some of the footage from his explosive underground docu-series that took the male business owner community by storm, racking up close to 1.12 million views in a few short weeks.

Charlie is the UK’s leading digital direct marketing consultant and helps entrepreneurs grow businesses that sell. His books are distributed in over 175 countries, and have all stormed to best seller status, on the topics of direct marketing and business-building.

You may have read about him in Talk Business, Business Today or heard him on the BBC. 

His powerful sales campaigns and online lead generating promotions have been engaged by over 5 million consumers and business owners, contributing to over £300 million pounds worth of sales for his satisfied clients.

Here's what a lot of smart ambitious men think about the book...

What People Are Saying About This Provocative Book On...

Learn What WORKS When You Work For Yourself...

Review By Chris Penman

This book contains lessons that will literally transform your business and your life, it would be worth buying at 100x the price. Why are you still reading this review? just go buy it already, you won't regret it.

Game Changing...

Review By Neil Munro

Unlike some business books I’ve read this one was easy to read and digest the information. It’s got some really good ideas and ways I can improve my business. I’ve struggled with overwhelm at time and this has made me rethink how things can be done. The author sounds like a good bloke. Check out his YouTube channel it also has good content.

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Back Control of your Business & your Life

Review By Stuart Bowker

It's one thing writing a book about how to make a success of yourself in business but Charlie lives and breathes it. Joining 'One Man Empire' has without a doubt taken my business to the next level, and i'm only just getting started! This book will become your mantra and your point of reference for not only your business, but your life!

"This book is a must have for anyone in business that has hit the roadblock of overwhelm and frustration. The book outlines a clear structure to free yourself and take back control. The greatest investment any business owner can make is in themselves. The advise learned from this book will make you ££££££’s"

Michael Bambling

"Charlie's book is a breath of fresh air. Charlie takes away the mythology of business and gives it to you straight. Apply these techniques and your business (and your life) will be better for it. A great read for any no-nonsense business owner."

Joel Stone

"This is a must read business book if you want to get more of your business and really start making the money and getting the freedom you deserve. Don't struggle anymore!"

Alan Dhillon

This book is not a read and put away book it’s a get off your arse and do book and for the people who are willing to be a serious player in the game not just a commentator there is a goldmine of information in it’s pages.

If you’re in business already or are just dipping your toe into the world of the entrepreneur this is a book you should definitely have, never file away and reference often…

Len Foster

"Great read, hits the nail right on the head. So good to know there are others out there, dealing with same shit.
Also great to have confirmation that my views and rules are endorsed"

Mark Brooks

Start Unlocking TheSE ‘Forbidden’ Secrets And

The Iron Laws Of Man, Money & Freedom


The book gets right down to the business at hand, showing you exactly what to do AND how to do it , when it comes to creating a stampede of customer spending.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • A proven trick to develop a stone-cold, unshakable ability to increase your personal POWER in any situation and in any room without ever getting nervous or facing the fear of rejection – see page 155
  • Why some men effortlessly print money while others have to work to the bone to earn it. (Here’s how YOU can rapidly turn the tables and virtually guarantee that you remove yourself from the day-to-day grunt work and fire fighting for good.) It’s on page 37.
  • You know the ‘persecution’ you get at home because of excuses around work? Here’s a simple thing you can use today to INSTANTLY cut your workday in half… right there on the spot. (Page 103)
  • A forgotten physiological tactic to transform your mind into an iron fortress. Use this to put an end to any worry about money or finances, and instead start unlocking your untapped potential as a man in the game today, to really provide and protect – even in a down economy or flat market – it’s on page 162
  • Everyone knows that the economy’s been tough. Would you believe that some grow the FASTEST during a recession? In Iron Law #9, I’ll show you how you could become recession proofed, OVERNIGHT so that you can finally get off that income roller coaster for good and even in a down market. (Page 48)
  • What most self-made men do that attracts nothing but freebie seekers and time-wasters… and ruins any chances of building a long-term sustainable business that runs without you or better yet can be sold for upwards of 5X market value – see page 95.
  • How to rid yourself FOREVER of that niggling ‘fear of success’ that’s been sabotaging you since day dot. If you’ve ever had a problem with self-criticism or self-doubt, this one simple shift will all but force you to start rapidly providing MORE than just the bare essentials. (Page 73)
  • How to virtually guarantee that you only attract people with money that can pay your invoices on time – every time. This is often physically impossible for most self-made men… Unless you know this one simple trick! It's a business saver and one of the first pieces of ‘insider’ information they should tell you when starting up a business. (Page 66)
  • The power of starting to become ‘shamelessly lazy’ in order to wildly profit. (You’ll be able to put an end to working more and more hours for less and less money – it’s on page 112.)



Page 180. The 15 ‘hidden’ warning signs that you’re being taken advantage of and how to flip the tables, so you dramatically increase LOYALTY among customers, employees, suppliers and anyone at home who doesn’t value what you do or how you do it.

Page 11. If you have ever been guilty of not giving yourself enough credit for the man that you’ve become, then chances are Iron Law #7 will be like a bolt of lightning that allows you to rise up in a blaze of glory to do what no one said was possible.

Page 89. The Universal Law of ‘Isolation’ – three blazingly obvious steps to dramatically improve the response of your prospects OVERNIGHT...The best part is it costs very little in time or money… yet could double the chances of them buying from you again

Page 49. The secret POWER of the ‘The Purge’. A process for customer control, where the poor, the time-intensive and annoying are weeded out for the benefit of the high paying, fun to work with and profitable

Page 42. The ‘Forbidden’ truth about employees… What you must do to get them working twice as hard and for half the money. The fact of the matter is they will love you more and stick around longer

Page 165. Why the so-called ‘experts’ are dead wrong in their ridiculous theories of ‘AUTOMATION’ – Here’s how you can transform your business into a powerful, instant and automated machine that prints money…

Plus You'll Unlock £197 Of SPECIAL REPORTS - Free!

When you decide to get the digital edition of this book today, you'll also get three accompanying special reports I've created that contain some of my NEWEST material...


10 POWER Words That Will Get Your Google Ads More Clicks, More Conversions and More Customers (And At Less Cost...).

Discover how to find out what words trigger more clicks in your ad copy so that can write better ads. Save time by using only the most effective words in your ad copy. Avoid wasting money on ineffective keywords!


25 Phrases To Covertly And Ethically HIJACK Your Customers, Clients And Your Prospects Minds Into Doing What You Want.

WARNING : These phrases are an ethical grey area for most. When applied they can be used to virtually erase people’s free will, (without them knowing) - allowing you to hijack their thoughts, desires and actions. Use with caution.


101 Fill In The Blank Video Ideas That Will Force Your Ideal Customers To Sit Up, Pay Attention and Keep Watching For Hours On End.

If you want to create videos for your business, but you don't know where to start. This insiders track will help you get started on creating compelling video content that will increase conversions and sales for your business.


949 Proven, Jaw-Dropping Headlines That Stop People DEAD in Their Tracks, That You Can “Legally” Copy And Use As Jet Fuel For Your Next Email, Facebook Or Google Campaign.

Your customers are bombarded with thousands of messages every single day, and they're all trying to grab their attention at the same time.

Consider this all of the hard work for you. All of these headline ideas were tested on real people with great results.


The 3 Levels Of Pain And How To Use Them To “Morally” Persuade For Profit.

This will get ugly, as this report operates somewhere between moral and manipulative - or what some might call it “ethical manipulation.” It goes without saying that the contents of this report should only be used for GOOD and by continuing to read on, you agree that what you use this to sell is of value and will deliver benefit to the person who gives you money for it.

What People Say About The One Man Empire Movement & Process:

OK Let's Wrap This Up...

For just £1, you’ll finally be able to start making more money, having more freedom and being more man without being overwhelmed, overstretched, fatigued or panicked.

Let me assure you of this...

If you’ve ever felt an ounce of guilt, remorse or unrest from your current situation and your business...

If you’ve ever felt ready to rid yourself of the overwhelm, the fatigue and the panic that’s all too common inside of this game...

If you’ve ever felt sick to the back teeth of working your arse off just to stand still – or worse, go backwards…

Then, right here, inside of this book, is where those who are gasping for air finally breathe. Those that have plateaued make a fundamental shift towards the light. And those struggling in a never-ending spiral of feast and famine battle rise up in a blaze of glory and are born free.

Meaning, if you are ready to begin, then secure your £1 copy of this book to start your baptism of fire because, by the time you’re done, you won’t recognise the man you've become, the business you operate or the life that you lead.

And I suspect neither will anyone else.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.


Charlie Hutton


IT's Time To Rise Up And Be Born Free.


Answers To Your Burning Questions:

Spoiler Alert: Yes This is Only £1 And Yes You Will Get Instant Access.


Instantly. The digital version of The 'Forbidden' Secrets Of A One Man Empire is delivered via email instantly and compatible with all e-book readers includes Kindle and i-books.


Yes. The digital version of The 'Forbidden' Secrets Of A One Man Empire is compatible with all major e-book readers includes Kindle and Apple Books.


Yes, you can. The paperback retails for £10.99 on Amazon direct.


Yes. This book is for male business owners.


The bottom line is - the cheaper it is, the more men will read it and the more men I can help.


Over the last 7 years of my life standing shoulder to shoulder with the most misunderstood and under-appreciated group on the planet today – male business owners. I’m willing to lose money on this because I believe so strongly in you and what this book can do to truly help you to provide and protect.


At £1 a book I’m losing money and for that reason, it’s important to note that your £1 is non-refundable.



IT's Time To Rise Up And Be Born Free.


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